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Garage steps
by: Chukaluk posted: Tueday - June 6, 2017
I am working to build a set of stairs from house to garage (27 inches 
to floor). I have all the tools equipment and ready to go, however, 
realized that there is drywall in front of the area I plan to place the 
Simpson brackets plates for the stringers. I read somewhere that if 
you don't know what is behind the drywall not to install the brackets 
until you determine if there is wiring etc. behind the drywall.
What or how do I determine what is behind the drywall (it looks to be 
1/2 or 3/8 sheet rock attached at the entryway to the house from the 
garage around the door and under the doorway. I can see studs at 
the top of the ceiling (I am assuming they come all the way down on 
both sides of the door,). The problem is that I don't know what is 
under the door other than the drywall. So I am stuck or not sure what 
to do to continue building my stairs. Thanks for your help.

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