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Replacement Tarp Too Short
by: Tom McCluskey posted: Tueday - April 25, 2017
Hi, I bought a replacement canvas tarp for my outdoor
kids play set. I took the old weather-beaten tarp off,
measured it, and ordered the replacement with the same
dimensions. When I put on the replacement, it was
several inches short in the back. I weighted it
overnight with bricks hanging off the grommets and it
is still about three inches short. Very confusing. Is
there any other way to stretch it out? Am I supposed to
pull it very hard or do something else? The dimensions
are exactly the same as the tarp I replaced and when I
put it over it was exactly the same length. Thanks for
any help you can give. I can be reached at 310/210-7029

Overlap and stitching measurements
by: BayStateHandyman posted: Tueday - April 25, 2017
Hi. You didn't allow for overlapped edges and stitching. 
Run a 1x1 piece of wood 2" in from the outside edges of your top rail 
and attach the tarp onto that new piece of wood along all the sides. 
Good luck. Et

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