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Pull chain cord won't shut off light
by: Marlene posted: Monday - April 24, 2017
I will be calling an electrician to fix but right now I am uneasy 
because the pull chain cord in my basement ,is stuck and the light 
will not shut off .I unscrewed the bulb in the meantime to shut off the 
light  but wonder if that is dangerous and if it's really off .Will the unit 
get hot in the even though I unscrewed the bulb?Is this 
dangerous?I could easily take out the bulb but I thought that would 
be less safe .The fuse panel box  is not labeled but I am sure there is 
not a fuse for just this one cie ing light ,it must control many other 
things  and I would rather not experiment.Thanks for your 
help,remember I will not repair myself ,even if it's east

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