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Shower Grab Bar
by: Parker posted: Saturday - April 22, 2017
I've drilled the first hole through my shower tile & 
into what may be cement board behind it. I used a stud 
finder and thought I was going to find wood. Instead 
I've now drilled a 1/8" hole 2 1/2" deep (the full 
depth of my drill bit) and I'm only finding cement 
board, if that's what it is. The grab bar only came 
with 2" #10 wood screws that required an 1/8" drill 
bit. There is no void behind the wall so I can't use 
hollow wall anchors even though I bought some just in 
case. I don't know if I'll get enough holding power for 
the grab bar from the 2" stainless steel wood screws 
that came with the bar since if I use them they will 
only be in the cement board or whatever that backing 
material is. What would you suggest? Should I go ahead 
and use the 2" wood screws anyway? If not what else can 
I use? I don't want to drill a hold bigger than 1/2". 
Thanks for your help.
PS. The wall I'm installing the grab bar on is a narrow          
relief wall at the shower door: where the glass door 
is. Without including the tile width, the wall is only 
5" x 5" (depth & width) including the sheetrock. I know 
this because the tile only goes part way up the wall.

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