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Please help me patch my door
by: Jay posted: Tueday - April 18, 2017
I have a hole in my door at home. I stuffed paper in the hole and 
sprayed in foam insulation. Once letting it dry for a few hours I cut 
away excess and put in wood filler. Everything seemed well until 
either the wood filler or insulation shrank and caused cracking and a 
crater where the hole was. After 4 hours I sanded away excess of 
edges and added another layer of filler and let it dry over night. Again 
shrinkage happened so I bought spackel and added another layer. 
The spackel went on smoother and all looked well but again it 
shrank. (I had the door still on hinges..I know stupid of me. So some 
of the spackel started moving down.) I took the door off the hinges 
and removed the spackel that was was wet and moving down. Now I 
have a hole slightly deeper than 1 cm. What do I do? Add more 
spackel? Another layer of foam insulation?

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