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Kitchen Bath

Leaky Showerhead
by: Kevin posted: Friday - March 24, 2017
Our shower head started dripping water recently. The 
water is coming out of the holes in the showerhead, 
not from the threaded part, so itís not loose and is 
sealed well. Itís only about 6 months old and has 
worked great for us up until now. For reference, 
this is a shower only, not shower/bath combo. The 
water is completely shut off. If I unscrew the 
shower hard and remove it, there is a bunch of water 
that drains out of the pipe that was stuck behind 
the shower head. I am unsure yet if that water 
continues to come from the pipe once that initial 
water spills out. Any ideas on why it is leaking or 
how to fix it? Is it just the shower head or is 
there a bigger issue causing that water to be behind 
the shower head? Thanks for your help. 

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