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Kitchen Bath

Old shower head
by: Amber posted: Thursday - March 23, 2017
We just moved into a new house and my shower head 
leaks and the water pressure sucks and it's old so I 
want to replace it. However it is part of what is 
apparently a non-standard system. The pipe which 
comes out from the wall does not have threads at the 
end. Instead it has a "ball" at the end which is not 
removable from the pipe and the collar which holds 
the shower head on the pipe remains on the pipe 
above the ball. Apparently this must have been a 
pipe/shower head system rolled all into one. The 
shower head has threads on the outside (unlike the 
standard now that has the thread on the inside). I 
have tried converters (to connect a standard shower 
head) but they do not fit. I do not have the money 
to replace the pipe myself (since it's in the wall) 
or to have it professionally fixed. Can I find a 
similar shower head or a converter anywhere?? 

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