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Room Decor

Installing shelves
by: Lalita posted: Friday - June 1, 2012

i'm going to build some wall shelves like this

i'm just not to sure how to secure them to the wall? 

any help would be much appreciated
lalita :)

fellow handymen and women...
by: BayStateHandyman posted: Friday - June 1, 2012
Do as you wish but with the recent things going on 
with this site and the intruders, I wouldn't be to 
quick to open-up any link that I wasn't completely 
sure about...

No insult intended to this poster, aT all... Its just 
that some people appear to be using this wonderful 
helpful and imformative site for other not so nice 
intentions and I protect myself and my fellow 
handymen, first and foremost...Geno...

by: davekoe posted: Saturday - June 2, 2012
Determine what kind of walls you will be putting the shelves 
upon. (masonry, drywall, wood studs, metal studs, 
wood paneling, etc.)

Make a sketch, with dimensions, showing the desired
locations of the shelves, the widths and depths of the shelves,
and the weights the shelves must bear.

Take your sketch to a hardware store, Home Depot/Lowes, etc.
and ask for advice.

One final bit of advice. There seems to be a law of nature that
the amount of stuff you want to put on shelves always grows
to exceed the space available, so create more shelf space than
you need, you WILL need it.

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