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Kitchen Bath

Tile on Fiberglass
by: Tom posted: Wednesday - April 25, 2012
We are remodeling a small bath with beautiful onyx 
tile.  We are removing the old wallboard with it 
rubber baseboard, then replacing it with backboard 
and tile.  The problem is that we want to keep the 
old one-piece fiberglass bathtub unit.  We want to 
put onyx tile baseboard across the bottom of the tub 
where the old rubber baseboard was.  Can we simply 
glue backboard to the fiberglass, then put the tile 
on this capping it with a large pencil type trim?  
Let us know if you think this would work.
Thanks, Tom 

by: BayStateHandyman posted: Wednesday - April 25, 2012
Hi Tom, 

Use a product by loc-tite, for tub has 
teriffic holding power. It has grabber in the name on 
the tube...

The wall tile are unfinished on all four edges, so 
use a finishing tile on top of the base board tile so 
its clean and neat looking...Good Luck...E.T.

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