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raining and saw smoke from outside light fixt
by: sheri posted: Thursday - April 12, 2012
I have a question i have a outside light fixture and
when i turned it on (its raining by the way) i saw alot
of smoke within the light coming from it, wondering if
this is a problem with the fixture or what? i do not
smell anything burning and when i went out there it was
still smoking but very not like when i first turned it

the smoking light is lit...
by: BayStateHandyman posted: Friday - April 13, 2012
Hi Sheri,

I've seen outdoor lights smoke before from burning 
off the excess moisture on the bulb and within the 

I would carefully inspect the fixture and look for 
any signs of burn-marks and I'd remove the bulb and 
look at the bottom of it and see if you can tell if 
its been arking or if the bottom of the bulb is 
pitted at all...

I'm not there to see the smoke so I really can't say 
to just ignore it and it will go away...All I really 
can do it to tell you what I would do and if any of 
the conditions I just mentioned seem to appear, I 
would be very suspect of this light and fixture and 
call an electrician before I used it again, but if 
the conditions are dry and the light does not present 
any smoke, then I would think it was excess moisture 
and everything would be OK...

But we're not there to inspect the fixture, you 
are...So be diligent in your inspection and then use 
your best judgement from that point 

by: davekoe posted: Friday - April 13, 2012
Try replacing the incandescent bulb with a compact 
fluorescent bulb. They generate far less heat.

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