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Valve trim for one-handle shower
by: Tamie posted: Friday - April 6, 2012
I am remodeling an existing shower.  There is an 
existing one-handle shower control.  I want to 
replace the handle and valve trim with a new one-
handle shower control and trim piece so as to color-
match the new showerhead/arm/flange.  The new shower 
handle is a different model/manufacturer from the old 
one.  Q: Do I need to purchase and install a new 
rough-in valve also, or will the existing rough-in 
valve work with any new one-handle shower control?  
BTW, the new one will be a Moen product.

mixing valves knobs...
by: BayStateHandyman posted: Friday - April 6, 2012
Hi Tamie, 

I can't see your situation thru cyber space so I 
can't really tell you that you can or can't do it...

Maybe a google search for a matching after-market, 
alternative or a search of the manufacture and see if 
they do offer a trim and knob upgrade for situations 
like yours...

But from my experiences with LIKE products from 
different manufactures, they like to change what they 
can change to make it theirs and to stop you from 
doing things like this...

I know with automobiles, some models for years will 
use the same parts, so when you need to replace 
something, you have a span of a couple of years to 
choose from, so its possible a search of the 
manufacturer of your original mixing valve, might 
tell you if they make different colored handles or 
finishing plates...

Maybe a brass or brushed steel look instead of a 
glossy finished chrome look...Good Luck...E.T.

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