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Masonry Concrete

Attach lattice to side of cinderblock wall
by: ArleneF posted: Tueday - June 2, 2009
I want to attach lattice to the side of a cinderblock 
wall.  I think I need to first attach vertical 2 x 2 
wood to the cinderblock wall, then screw the vinyl 
lattice into the wood.  (I need that little space for 
vines go tangle through the lattice.)  First, is 2 x 
2 sufficient in size, and second, how do I attach 
that wood to the cinderblock wall?

by: davekoe posted: Wednesday - June 3, 2009
Cinder block is easy to drill. Use an electric drill and a carbide-tipped 
drill bit. You don't even need a hammer drill. Then put plastic masonry 
shields, large enough for a #12 screw, into the holes and put galvanized 
screws into the masonry shields.

If you use 2x2's, they should be pressure treated wood or cedar or 
redwood. Most other woods will rot in a few years. However, I suggest 
you get a length of plastic (PVC) pipe and cut it into 2" lengths. Put a 
screw through a hole (that you drilled) in the lattice, then through a 
spacer, then into one of the masonry shields. One screw every three feet 
or so, both vertically and horizontally should be strong enough.

The screws must be long enough to go through the thickness of the 
lattice, plus 2" to go through the spacer, then about 1-1/2 inches into 
the masonry shield. So the screws should be 4" #12.

The screws should be hot-dipped galvanized, not zinc plated. Even 
better, use stainless steel screws. (not cheap)

by: ArleneF posted: Wednesday - June 3, 2009
Thanks!!  Love the idea of the 2" PVC for spacers.  
So easy and then I don't need to paint wood that will 
rot anyway.  Thanks a million.  I think I will do 
this myself.

by: davekoe posted: Friday - June 5, 2009
Make sure that at least part of the spacer is up against the masonry 
shield as you tighten the screw, else there may be a tendency for the 
screw to pull the shield out of the hole as you tighten it.

Lattice On Top Of Block Wall.
by: Jerry Hernandez posted: Tueday - September 22, 2009
How Can I Put Lattice ,1' On Top Of a Block wall.

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