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Repairing a nail hole in 3/4" coper pipe
by: cyrus jerati posted: Friday - April 11, 2008
A nail hole in stucco by a local utility man punctured
a 3/4" copper pipe embedded in stucco outside the
house.  How could it be repaired without knocking down
a long portion of stucco. Thanks, Cyrus

Repairing a nail hole
by: Handy Hank posted: Friday - April 11, 2008
Twenty some years ago I experienced a similar 
accident. I turned off the water, dried the area, 
sanded the area around the hole well and filled it 
with solder. It's still holding. 
A better solution would be to cut the pipe at the hole 
and solder in a 3/4" coupling.
Good luck.

hole in pipe
by: davekoe posted: Friday - April 11, 2008
You can buy a device consisting of a rubber pad and two 
semi-cylindrical pieces of sheet metal. You wrap the 
rubber around the pipe, place the metal parts over the 
rubber and tighten the two screws. It is small, 
inexpensive, and only a few inches long.       

From the inside...
by: BayStateHandyman posted: Saturday - April 12, 2008
Hi cyrus jerati,

Fix the hole from the inside...Sheetrock is easier to 
repair than stucco...And you can dry the area better 
and make an easier visual and permanant repair...Good 

Clever fix: solder a brass screw
by: Andrew posted: Thursday - May 1, 2008
I managed to drill a hole in a copper water pipe 
while fiting a bathroom cabinet. Felt (still feel) 
like and idiot! Anyway, after much searching on the 
web, I found a really clever solution. 

#1 use a drill to make sure the hole is perfectly 
#2 find an appropriate size brass screw. I used a 6mm 
brass machine screw. 
#3 Twist the screw into the hole making sure 5-6 
theads have passed through and it is tight. 
#4 swab the screw and pipe with acid flux
#5 Heat with a propane torch and apply solder

Should be as good as new!

Hope this helps

brass screw fix for copper line
by: blackjackken posted: Friday - May 23, 2008
Andrew.  I love your brass screw/solder fix for a 
small hole in copper pipe,   while I have never put a 
hole in one myself I have repaired  a few of them 
others have,  great idea , I thank you for it,  (  I 
did however while using a sawzall cut through a 1/4 " 
copper tubing line carrying nitrogen gas at 125  
psi ) and I still feel like an idiot over that one 

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