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AHandyman AHandyman
aka Don Shanks

Resident here since:
Monday - July 23, 2001

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Welcome to Ask a Handyman. Above is a picture 
of me in the summer of 2001 on a hike with my 
family near or home in Germany. (Didn't answer
any questions that day...)

I spent several years working for Ponderosa
Steakhouses. My job there was simply to keep 
the steakhouses going. I did HVAC and 
refrigeration, electrical, plumbing, equipment 
repair, building maintenance, building 
remodeling, parking lots, roofs, and anything 
else that was needed to make sure the 
restaurants could open each day. 

On the home front I have lived in several 
houses and done extensive work in most of 
those. I have never been a handyman by trade, 
but I have helped out a lot of friends over 
the years.

Today I do Information Systems Management. I 
created this site to fill my need to create 
something useful and to help others with 
common problems. I hope you enjoy your stay 

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