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Window AnswerMan Window AnswerMan
aka C J Krzywonski

Resident here since:
Thursday - March 27, 2014


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Free Door and Window Parts ID Help and Parts 
Locator Services, Truth® Hardware and 
EntryGard™ Casement Operators, Cranks, Covers 
and thousands of glazing beads, weatherstrip 
and out of production replacement parts. Long 
before being a handyman was cool, C J 
Krzywonski was known as the "WindowAnswerMan" 
and go to guy for Oldach, Outlook, Bilt-Best 
and other obsolete windows & doors. 
Owner/Operator of Colorado Springs Original 
Handyman Connection dba "ThePolak" where the 
simple, honest and hard working approach - 
works best.

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