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aka Eugene Toto

Resident here since:
Thursday - November 17, 2005

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 I'm 56 years old and I've worked in the home 
construction, remodeling, repair and 
maintenance end of the business for more than 
40 yrs.

My Dad was a Master Electrician and 
carpenter and built every house the family has 
ever lived in,from the ground up, including the 
one I live in now. 

I hold a current, Unrestricted Construction 
Supervisors License, with the state of 
Massachusetts and have done so since 1986.

I have been the Sole Proprietor 
of E.T.'s Carpentry Services for more than 20 
yrs and just recently formed "Bay State 
Handyman Services" with plans to service the 
entire state of Massachusetts before the end 
of this year.

I am the go-between, between the 
builder/contractor and the prospective new home 
owner when it comes to completing Punch-Lists 
and upgrades before the closing dates and 
afterwards as well.
I work with banks repairing foreclosed 
properties, readying them for resale as well as 
Real estate Brokers completing any Punch-List 
Items needing repairs before showing any listed 
property to a prospective buyer and I work 
with/for landlords before apartments are 
rented and with/for tenants during the rental 
period as an on-call professional.

My skills are numerous and my experience spans 
40 plus yrs.I I am very glad to have found this 
site and quite eager to help anyone I can. 

I have done every single known aspect of home 
construction, new or old at least once so 
please feel free to asked me anything about 
anything and I'll respond as quickly as I 
can...And always remember my motto... 
Don't Despair...Repair...Thanks, E.T.

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