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ThisHandyman ThisHandyman
aka Paul Marshall

Resident here since:
Monday - September 20, 2004


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Did you know one man and a tool box can fix, 
repair, and install almost anything?

I choose handyman work now for several 
reasons.  One: because it is something I enjoy 
and I would do for free, so getting paid for 
it is even better. Plus I am good at it. Other 
reasons are on my website bio.

  Our handyman services is not a referral 
site; we are the handyman that provide the 
services.  When you contact this handyman 
services you are not on a waiting list or 
program waiting to be contacted by a handyman 
who does services in your area.

Note* if you have come accross this handyman 
services and we are not in your area, you may 
use this link to get FREE referrals for your 

Our local handyman services area for this site 
is Riverside and Moreno Valley California; 
however this handyman will also service the 
Inland Empire, San Bernardino County, Orange 
County, some of the Beach Cities and Mountain 
Regions. All Cities and States with Services 
Listed Here.

Many of our handyman services include: Home 
Improvement, Maintenance, Repair, 
Installations, Plumbing, Electrical, Finish 
Carpentry, some Building, Painting, Lawn and 
Garden, Inspect and Diagnose Problems, 
Automotive and more. 

This handyman services is very talented, 
reliable and honest. If you need handyman 
repairs and services inside or outside your 
home or some upgrades to your living space you 
need this handyman services. Our handyman 
services work is clean, safe, and guaranteed.

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