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No Photo Available Roy
aka Roy Cogswell

Resident here since:
Saturday - November 22, 2003


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I have worked at several hotel/motel 
businesses as a maintenance person as well as 
several other companies working on everything 
under the sun. I worked for 6 years repairing 
anything in gasoline stations from the pumps 
to lifts, air compressors, toilets, drains, 
inside and outside lighting, etc.. So as you 
can see I have a fair knowledge of many things 
from a repairing to replacement. In the motels 
we repaired the walls, heating/cooling units, 
roofs, pool maintenance along with anything 
that would go wrong. I am not saying I know it 
all, there is still a lot that I do not know. 
But I do know where to find out how to do the 
things I don't know so I feel fairly confident 
that I can repair just about anything. I am 
also not afraid to say no to things I am just 
not certain of. I may not know how to fix 
someones problem but maybe I can point them in 
the right direction to help them solve their 

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