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No Photo Available Hire a Husband
aka Craig Clark

Resident here since:
Monday - March 31, 2003

I am currently beginning my own buisness as a 
Handyman in a small town in Kentucky.  I really 
enjoy working on smaller projects because you 
can see the results when you are done sooner.  
That comes in "handy" when you have a 
perfectionist streak running through you.  My 
talents lie in just about anything but I won't 
get on a roof.  Spent 20 years in the Navy and 
am finally going to get a chance to spend some 
of the time seeing my sons instead of "seeing 
the world." Most of which is covered by water 
by the way.

I have been fixing things as long as I can 
remember and believe it or not truly enjoy 
getting under somebodys house to fix the job 
that no one else wants to.  I am going to have 
a hard time adjusting to doing things for a fee 
instead of doing it for free but....Can't feed 
the family on charity. Glad I found the web 
site.  Craig.

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