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No Photo Available Creative Repair
aka Mike

Resident here since:
Monday - March 3, 2003

Creative Repair and Handyman Services

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HI I am from MN and have been 
fixing everything since I was a small boy. 
Hanging out in the shop learning new things to 
do. Or how things work or if somthing was 
broke it always bothered me cuz i like to see 
stuff work right. So that is how I took a 
interest in fixing and my best friend told me 
since i was 18 to start a handyman fix it type 
of biz cuz I was good at it. well i didnt 
listen.. till now . So I did. I started a CO 
called Creative repair and handyman services 
located in Minnesota it is pretty cool my 19 
month old twin the boy is showing interest in 
how things work he is busy checking out 
everything. I sure hope he follows DAD LOL.and 
I like to help out others in need of help so 
there you be thank you mike 

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