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No Photo Available A HandyMan Plus
aka Mike Brown

Resident here since:
Wednesday - August 28, 2002


Have been in the construction business since 
1979. Mainly hi-rise/ commercial work (as a 
carpenter, and subsequently a project 
superintendent for the last thirteen years), 
but have extensive experience in all facets of 
residential work/repair as well. 

Always seem to be tinkering, repairing, building
(or re-building) something in an effort improve 
on the existing. 

Have also managed to become a fairly good 
wrench over the years as I enjoy part time Drag 
Racing, and have always done most all of the 
work on the race car(s).

Currently own and operate "A HandyMan Plus", a 
full service handyman co. specializing in 
complete home/small business maintenance and 
repair, as well as mobile auto repair and 
detailing based in Atlanta, Georgia.

If so inclined, you may visit our web site at: for a more detailed 
description of the services we provide, and/or 
leave us an email with any questions you may 

Hope I can be of some help to others on this 
list with their project, as well as picking up 
some "pointers" myself. 

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