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This page allows you to sign up on our site to answer questions as a resident handyman. This step is not required to answer any of the questions asked here. If coming here and answering questions once in a while doesn't sound like something you would enjoy... Please don't sign up. If you simply would like to read what is posted here you can do that on line, or use the Daily Digest option to have new messages delivered.

Signing up to become a resident handyman is a  feature of the site that is designed to make life easier for  those who enjoy helping other people by answering some of the questions that our users have. Along with that, there are some additional features that are not available to our other users.

Yes... this too is free. Our payback is that our users will hopefully get a wider exposure for their questions and as a result get more, better, or more timely answers. What's in it for you?

Primary perks:

  • Your handle (user name) is reserved. Once a handle is registered, it can not be used by anyone else.
  • Your user information is stored on our servers in a private directory. Once you have entered your information, we will use an ID to look you up and you won't have to retype repetitive information.
  • When answering questions you will have additional fields available to provide links to other pages. Those might be your own web pages, or links to a site that has more information about the question at hand. Everyone that looks at the question will see your link giving you or a favorite web site exposure.
  • You will be provided a profile to tell us a little about yourself. If you don't have a web site yet, you can let the users know a bit about you and if you choose, you can allow users to make e-mail contact, indirectly through our servers. (Your e-mail address is never exposed or given out.) This profile information is optional and will appear under the "Handy Bios" link.
  • You can choose all, or just some of the folders you are interested in and be notified by e-mail when new messages are posted for the folders you choose. This is optional, but very nice since you see the question without returning to the site to decide if you want to answer provide and answer. If you like, you can also receive copies of answers provided by others to the questions so you don't feel like you need to come and provide an answer if someone else has already given a good one. Of course you can always add comments even it someone else has answered the question.
  • If you have an actual handyman business, you are given a priority listing in the international directory. While any handyman is welcome to list a business in the directory... your listing will appear at the top of the list!

The only restriction that we impose is that you do come in once in a while and at least log in... even if you don't answer any questions. You will be notified by e-mail if your profile is about to expire. Server space isn't free nor is advertising. Since we are paying for the space and you are receiving advertising... we don't think it is too much to ask to have you visit once in a while.

If you do answer questions that prove to be helpful, your bio and business listing will be pushed higher up the ladder than those who don't answer questions.

Is there a pattern emerging here? We'd like to have an active group of individuals helping to answer questions. If it sounds like fun... Please sign up!

To start the process just click on the link below. A window will pop up where you will be presented with our guidelines for participation.
Guidelines for Resident HandyPeople

Work Smart.. Work SAFE!


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